Sunday, 10 May 2015

Being Raised By A Single Mother

Raising a family is difficult enough. But it's even more difficult for a single mother struggling to make ends meet.

Misery, insults, kutukan, fitnah, she has through it all.

Being raised by a single mother has taught me pretty much everything--- how to survive, how to doing things independently, how to face my great fear, how to live on a tight budget, how to not rely on a man for everything, how to pay your bills with YOUR OWN money, how to forgive when you don't really want to, how to appreciate the little things in life, everything! We weren't rich. We went through a lot of downfall but this woman in this picture is now a successful single mother!

Growing up in a house of girls, we've learned about real independence, about teamwork, about climbing on ladder, lifting the couches and fixing the lampu yang rosak and leaky pipes. Even nak alihkan almari yang berat seberat gajah itu pun kitorang (girls) yang buat. TV yang besar bapak & peti ais yang berat nak mampus itu pun kitorang berusaha alihkan even banyak kali berhenti sbb nak ambil nafas(lol). Kadang kitorang malas nak tunggu, kitorang pergi buat sendiri. Lebih-lebih lagi bila kitorang(aku atau mak aku) tengah sorang-sorang kat rumah. We've been living like this for almost 9 years. I'm pretty proud of my mom, my sisters & myself.

Seeing my mother refuse to give up has inspired me to get up & fight my illnesses(severe depression, severe anxiety & other severe mental illnesses). She's the reason why I wanted to survive and change my life. She prove to me that we can actually survive a day without a single penny, we can survive the entire life without a man behind you and we can really survive even we've been hurt by everyone and everything around you. Well, in my case, I've survived my teenage years without friend for about 5 years. Kau boleh hidup tanpa kawan selama 5 tahun, dari umur 16 sampai 20? And at the same time struggling dengan banyak masalah but hidup jugak di penghujung cerita? I deserve to be proud of myself here, no matter what are you going to say.

I don’t believe in friendship, she knows that(and she is still trying to change my view on that). But when I told her that I have a great fear of marriage, I cannot forget her precious reaction. Haha. Muka takut tak dapat cucu from me obviously terpancar from her face. My mom disappointed with her marriage but her advices about marriage to me was SANGAT BERHARGA. I almost cried. Okay memang menangis pun sebelum tidur bila teringat her advice for me. I still have those fear though..

Happy Mothers Day, beautiful lily. Kalau ikutkan hati mahu shj aku post setiap hari & senaraikan satu persatu perkara yang menakjubkan about this woman and I wanted everyone to know how STRONG & AMAZING this woman is and how PROUD and THANKFUL I am to have her as my mother.

But love is still love samaada ditunjukkan atau tidak.
Thank you is still thank you.
I love you, Lily Suryani.


  1. Such a great mother, you have :) Don't afraid of marriage, I am pretty sure that you will follow her steps tho ;)

    1. She is one of the greatest and strongest women I've ever known. I try my best to delete those fears! Hehe. That's sounds great but I think I'm going to make and follow my own step :)

  2. Hi, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate? Email me at I couldn't find your email so I am leaving a comment to u. Hope to hear soon. Thanks! Ps: this is NOT a spam yah haha :)

    1. Nice try. I copy your text and paste it onto Google search bar. Can you guess what I found? *senyum sinis*


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