Friday, 9 November 2012


Bosan of karma. Dear karma, I know it was my fault. But that was 6 years ago. Enough already. I'm getting tired of this. Yes, I've got the punishment. I've got the pain. The pain is turned to me. The one who's start it first. I paid the price. I'm sorry. Leave me alone. Please let me go. I want to be free. I'm begging.

Dear Allah, you've got the power to stop all this. Forgive my sins. Have mercy on me. I'm so sorry. I'm so stupid. I spend my days ignoring you and my night disobeying you. But still, you never forget me. You will never overlook me. Not even for a second. Dear Allah, please change me. You know what's going on. Only you got the power to stop all this from keep going on. I tried my best to be a good servant of yours. But the demons got me. The satan is too strong. They trapped me with their beautiful lies. Once they got me, the grill me with a hot fire burning. I'm sorry, Allah. I'm so sorry. I'm weak. Way too weak. 

Dear Allah, I didn't perform my solat. I deserve to get this punishment. Again, I'm so sorry. Please remove all of this hatred from my heart. I'm getting tired. I tried to remove it by myself but I'm weak. I'm weak because I'm nothing. I'm nothing because I've been ignoring you all this time.

I'm weak..
And never be strong.
I'm stupid,
And all..

Dear Allah Almighty, please open my heart. Please remove these darkness and dirts from my soul.
I love you, Allah.
Without you I'm nothing. I'm nothing.

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